Three people at a piano in the Irish World Academy at ku体育真人
Pictured at the Irish World Academy of 跳舞 were Sandra Joyce博士, Interim Executive Dean Faculty of Arts, 人文社会科学, ku体育真人, 奥利弗·纳利探长, Roxboro Road and Anna Banko Szumacher, BA Voice IWA Picture: Alan Place

A student at ku体育真人官网首页’s 爱尔兰世界音乐学院 and 跳舞 will perform at the ku体育真人 concert marking the centenary of the foundation of An Garda Síochána.

The free concert is one of the highlights of the programme of events taking place this year to commemorate the centenary.

The student from the Irish World Academy’s BA in Voice, 安娜Szumacher, will perform a selection of songs with the Garda Band at the concert.

A variety of events are taking place across the ku体育真人 Garda division this year, 包括音乐会, which takes place at St Mary’s Cathedral on Friday, 7月15日.

While the concert will be free, capacity will be limited so it will be live-streamed online.

奥利弗·纳利探长 of Roxboro Road Garda Station is co-ordinating the programme of events in ku体育真人.

He said of the concert: “To celebrate An Garda Síochána’s 100 year anniversary a number of events are taking place across the ku体育真人 Division this year.

“I reached out to Sandra Joyce博士, director of the 爱尔兰世界音乐学院 and 跳舞 at ku体育真人, to see if a local artist would like to accompany the Garda Band during the Concert at St Mary’s Cathedral on 7月15日. We have a long-standing history of collaboration with the ku体育真人官网首页 and with 谢恩·基尔科明斯教授.

“Dr Joyce very kindly arranged for 安娜Szumacher to accompany the Garda Band and we are delighted she will be joining us in this musical celebration and collaboration with the University.”

谢恩·基尔科明斯教授, incoming Provost and Deputy President at ku体育真人 and former Executive Dean of the Faculty of Arts, 人文社会科学, said: “There is a very strong relationship between the University and An Garda Síochána already with ku体育真人 accrediting a number of training programmes including, 等, a 研究生 Diploma in Proceeds of Crime and Asset Identification.

“We are very proud to have one of our students performing at this centenary concert in ku体育真人 and it is fitting as ku体育真人 marks its own fiftieth anniversary that the institutions continue to foster and develop such strong links and connections,他补充道.

Sandra Joyce博士, outgoing director of the Irish World Academy who has just been appointed as Interim Executive Dean of the Faculty of Arts, 人文社会科学, said: “The 爱尔兰世界音乐学院 and 跳舞 is delighted to support this event commemorating the founding of An Garda Síochána. We are particularly proud that 安娜Szumacher, a student on the BA Voice at the Academy, will have the unique opportunity of performing with the Garda band for the celebratory concert.   

“ku体育真人 has deep connections with An Garda Síochána and this concert is an opportunity to highlight and build on these connections. We wish the organisers every success with their wonderful programme of commemorative events.”

Ms Szumacher, who comes from Krakow, Poland has been living in ku体育真人 for 18 years. 两年前, she completed the Certificate of Music and 跳舞 at the Irish World Academy with First Class Honours.  

She continues her studies at BA Voice at the 爱尔兰世界音乐学院 and 跳舞 and is an enthusiastic and experienced director and conductor of the Cantate Deo Choir, whose repertoire covers a wide range of Latin, 波兰和英语合唱音乐. 在安娜的指导下, Cantate Deo took first prize at the prestigious ku体育真人 Choir Festival in 2017.

There is limited availability for members of the public to attend the concert. Anyone who is interested in attending the free event can email to register interest in attending. A limited number of tickets will then be made available to the public.

It is envisaged that unfortunately not all members of the public that apply will be able to be facilitated, however the concert will be streamed online.